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MessPe: All-In-One Messaging

Why juggle multiple messaging apps when you can have it all in one place? With MessPe, enjoy all the features you need for chatting, including alternative chatting options and a strong privacy policy.


MessPe: Private Messaging

Worried about your private conversations being leaked? Fear no more with MessPe's secret chat option, ensuring your messages remain strictly between you and your intended recipient.

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MessPe: Easy Payments

MessPe makes paying friends and family a breeze! With our payment system, you can easily transfer money while saving on credit card charges. Plus, earn coins on every transaction that can be converted into cash later.

Two Sides of MessPe

Messaging Module

MessPe: All-In-One Messaging

MessPe's messaging feature allows users to chat with ease and share media files with friends and family members. Users can send images, videos, and audio files seamlessly without any lag or interruption.

MessPe: Private Messaging

Worried about someone snooping on your conversations? MessPe's secret chat feature allows you to have private and confidential conversations with selected contacts. 

Connect with Nearby Users:

 MessPe's "Nearby" feature lets you connect with users who are in close proximity to your location.Users can discover and connect with nearby users and start chatting instantly.

Payment Module

MessPe: Payment At Your Ease

MessPe makes it incredibly easy to send and receive money, without any hassle. Whether you need to recharge your mobile phone or send money to a friend, MessPe allows you to do it all in one place, without the need for multiple apps or services.

Free Transaction via Credit Card

MessPe offers a convenient feature that allows you to send and receive money directly to and from your credit card. This means that you can easily top up your MessPe wallet using your credit card and use the balance for various transactions, including mobile recharge, bill payments.

MessPe: Total Control Payment

MessPe ensures the security of your credit card information by using advanced encryption techniques and following industry-standard security protocols. Your credit card details are stored securely on MessPe servers, and are never shared with anyone else.



This app is very useful. I always use this it helps me by providing voice messages And pictures. I only use this app for all my personal communication. I love the sticker pack in it. It makes chatting so much more intresting.

Mohit Kaushik

MessPe is a wounderful app i love is this the hide chat option and secret chat option. I hide my personal talk from others through this app MessPe give full privacy and security and that was a great thing.

Aryan Tyagi

It is really good app, I love that it send images or files without compression. It helps me to send my design files to people i just want to see a feature which many people want i hope in status privacy according to my choice.


What Our Users Say

At MessPe, we value our users and their feedback. We believe that by listening to our users and continuously improving our app, we can provide the best possible experience for our community. That's why we encourage all of our users to leave reviews and share their thoughts on their experience with MessPe.